My First Visit To Some Kelowna Wineries

All the wineries we have toured sell wine directly to the public, although some have a shop proper and others do not. Some wineries sell their wines at market prices, so buying them does not represent any savings compared to doing it in a normal store. But most offer a small discount per bottle or box, and there are also very attractive offers. If you plan to visit a winery for the purpose of buying wine, it is recommended that you check your prices in advance and compare them with those of your usual store. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that it is possible to travel to a winery exclusively to buy wine, without a guided tour, and vice versa. In the course of a trip to the Kelowna BC Canada, it may be interesting to separate both activities to a certain extent. That is to say,

Size and characteristics of the groups in the guided tours

The degree of enjoyment of a visit may depend to a large extent on the size of the group of visitors. The small groups allow a more personalized attention by the guides, who will be able to better attend the queries of the visitors and adapt the explanations to their level of knowledge. Some wineries impose limits on the size of the groups in order to provide a quality service, even at the cost of reducing their income; others receive full buses (about fifty people). In our opinion, it is a factor that deserves to be taken into account when practicing wine tourism. With the wine tours in Kelowna BC Canada you will be able to explore all of it.

In general, the explanations of the tourist routes are designed for visitors with a medium or elementary level of knowledge. Some wineries also carry out technical visits for professionals in the sector, led by an oenologist.

Many wineries are used to receiving visits from families with children. If they are informed in advance of the presence of minors, they may serve a must at the end of the tour while the adults have a glass of wine. Parents should keep in mind, in any case, that visits to wineries are not too fun for young children. However, some wineries have made an effort to adapt the explanations of their guides to groups with children, and a few carry out special activities for them, for example during harvest time.

Appropriate clothes to visit a winery

In some wineries, a large part of the visit takes place in rooms for aging and aging of the wine that require a cool temperature and a certain degree of humidity. For this reason, it is advisable to always carry some warm clothing, such as a jacket, even in summer.

Wineries with dining room

Some wineries have a restaurant in their facilities, but more often they have a dining room where they offer one or several set menus for groups, as long as they are booked in advance. Some have their own kitchen staff and others work with catering services. Sometimes, these menus are very simple and the prices are equivalent to those of a mid-high-end restaurant. If you want to eat in a cellar, we recommend that you inform yourself beforehand about the menus available and the characteristics of the service. The quality of the products and the kitchen can vary considerably, as well as the charm and comfort of the dining room.